tc Organization



Phase - 1 Establishment (2006~2007)
To build up the connection with other countries, it includes Japan, Korea, USA and Germany.
To invite CMP related experts from industries, university to plan the scope for CMPUG Taiwan.
To look for funding support form government and industries.
To apply for official CMPUG organization from government.

Phase - 2 Promoting (2008 ~ 2009)
To increase the number of membership, especially at end users sites.
To hold the ICPT 2008 in Taiwan.
To Set-up regular CMP conference or workshop in Taiwan.
Provide available CMP Short training course for who is interested.

Phase - 3 Extension (2010~ )
To operate CMPUG via regular conference / course / promotion.
To establish E-learning course for on-line service.
To build up expert system and CMP information bank to provide more adding value consulting service.
To public CMP related training course or book publication.