tc History

  CMP is a critical technology for advanced IC process. Taiwan is in a leading role of IC manufacturing and CMP technology. In year 2006, several CMP professionals in Taiwan started regular meetings as a task force to promote regional CMP activities.

  During International Conference on Planarization/CMP Technology (ICPT) 2007 in Dresen, Germany, the ICPT Committee unanimously decided that ICPT 2008 should be held in Taiwan. The Task Force accomplished that mission and have been well recognized in worldwide CMP community.

  Year 2009, Chemical Mechanical User Group Tawian, (CMPUGTW) was officially registered in Taiwan Government as a non-profit organization.

Current status
More than 100 individual members, 8 group members
Board members: 13; plus General Secretary.

Major events

2008: ICPT 2008
2009:(1)2009 CMPUGTW Plenary Meeting & Spring Workshop, (2) CMP Forum Taiwan
2010:(1)CMP Plenary Meeting & Spring Workshop, (2) CMP Forum Taiwan, (3) CMPUGTW Plenary Meeting & Seminar
2011:(1)CMPUGTW Plenary Meeting & Spring Work Shop, (2) CMP Forum Taiwan, (3) Advanced LED Substrate Process Technology Seminar
2012:(1)CMP Plenary Meeting & Spring Workshop, (2) CMP Forum Taiwan, (3) Cross-Strait Advanced Substrate Polishing Process Technology Forum
2013: ICPT 2013